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Glock Duty Sidearm - Reasonable Size Limit?

Hey all,

Being part of the wealth of information and opinions that is TFL, I bring before you yet another question : P

I hold CCW permits in several states, because at times I work in several states. Recently I've been looking at some armed guard gigs in I'll be getting my CT Blue Card soon.

Here's my problem...I need to choose one of my weapons to take the class with. I guess the Blue Card actually has my pistol's serial # on it, and THAT is the pistol I have to use on duty.

I have two pistols I could feasibly use for this...My Sig P228R (9mm), and my Glock 30 (.45 ACP).

My Glock is easily my preferred of the's .45 ACP (which I prefer for working the areas I do), it has night sights (Trijicon HiDef).

I also have a TLR-1S that I can potentially use for both.

Seems obvious...except that the Glock is "technically" a Subcompact. I say "Technically" because side-by-side comparison with my buddy's Glock 23 shows negligible size difference other than width. The barrel is also 0.24" shorter in the 30.

I can't really afford a new pistol right now...the course is expensive enough as it is (so getting a Glock 21 is out of the question for now).

I've heard some instances of a Glock 30 being used as a duty sidearm...but these seem rare, likely due to the existence of the 21.

I believe the most notable instance is that Hickok45 reportedly used one as a reserve deputy (I don't know where) before switching to a weapon more compatible with the guy he was riding with.

I guess I'm just looking for opinions. Another factor is I have smaller hands, and the 30 is a perfect fit as opposed to a bigger firearm.
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