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Not brain surgery or anything.

Too, doesn't just apply to guns.

Just a matter of common courtesy from one parent to another and knowing, rather then assuming our boundaries with other peoples children. And when there is any doubt as to those boundaries, be an adult and stop to find out boundaries first before proceeding. To overstep those boundaries is wrong whether done intentionally or not.

Maybe I let my kids do or get around things you don't let your kids partake in. If your kids are at my house and my kids or I are doing something that I'm in question of you allowing your kid to do, I'm the adult at my house and am responsible for finding out from you whether your kid is allowed to do so and so. As a parent, I don't feel that's to much to ask of a responsible neighbor.

When I was young, our family did a lot of bow shooting in the back yard. With seven kids, the chance of a neighbor kid being at our house 24/7 was pretty much the same as daylight coming in the morning in Ohio.
When shooting, there where many non-negotiable rules with severe consequences from management(dad and mom) but two where at the top of the list:

1).No shooting without adult supervision.

2)No friends shooting until mom or dad cleared it with the parents.

The instructions to us kids were, "don't even ask till permission was recv'd from parents . Period "!

I don't ever recall a parent not letting their kid shoot but do recall listening to conversations in which the called/informed parent appreciated the courtesy shown.

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