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Perhaps you can enlighten us with the proceedure you'd follow when YOUR visitor keeps his face hidden while ringing the doorbell and refuses to respond (except for ringing the doorbell more vigorously) when you ask him what he needs.
Well now I am glad you asked. Last time 2 guys were in my driveway in a truck had a freezer in the back. Them boys was selling meat, beef, now I live on a feed lot, many steers on the place. I tell em I dont buy my beef, I raise it, them boys started walking towards me, I stood up (was sitting in a chair on the deck) told em to leave now before I come down. They left fast, I am as big as a steer, can pick them boys up at the same time toss em way over there.

Another time two gals was in the drive, had skirts up to here and push up stuff on tried to ask me if I knew Jesus. Told them the was they was dressed they better get to know him better they left.

Had a guys dog in the barn after my cat, shooed dog off, dog turned and was gonna go after me, pulled my .45, guy owned the dog was gonna come up and whup me if I shot the dog. He moved to somewhere else afterwe had a talk next day and he was sobered up.

Sorry guys, I just dont get all feered up, been a bouncer, got shot, got stabbed, been there and done that. Was raised up in a fighting family, my brother and I was the entertainment, we boxed till first blood almost every night. Had many other guys come over and give it a try. still box and still work out, fear nobody. Just a farm boy living life and enjoying the country life.

Where I work now, thats another matter. No guns allowed and shootings happen daily around here.

You can never tell about a person till you interact with them in some way, I took it as the guy was maybe broke down, needed a hand, was watching the car or whatever. Will never know.....

I took some great body guard classes in the early 80s, marine uncles and one BIL was SS here for old bush. I got some training some folks dont get.

Sorry you all dont agree with me. My family lives in fla dont seem worried...
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