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Silver Eagle Range

First time shooting there today. Its members only on WED 12-2so I got there about 230. 10 lanes busy with pistol. The other side of the pistol range was reserved for somebody or some company doing full auto.

Sign in procedure was a bit convoluted.
1. Register via PC at a work station area. None of the PC were on the correct screen so the young lady came over to set them correctly.
2. Fascinating to read the mandatory liability waivers. Lawyers.
3. Upon completion then you go to the receptionist. She checks your DL and provides you a temp range card.
4. Then you go to the main desk to pay and buy targets, etc.
5. Then you go to the range master for a lane assignment.

Clean as ranges go. Sadly, nearby were 2 young men who needed to display their weapon prowess to 3 young ladies they brought in as guests.
The 2 young men had 3 SIGS each; mostly shooting the 220.

The young ladies had meticulous nail jobs, make up to the max and dressed for a date -- clearly uncomfortable with weapons. But such is the macho need to impress eh?

I'll research a few more time periods to see when is busy & not busy. Jimbo
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