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Firearms Training Vacation Ideas

I'm sure if I look through the forums I can find information on this topic. So my apologies to anyone who thinks this is "wasting time".

I am trying to figure out a great gift idea for my stepdad. My mother and him just decided to split up and I want to do something to get him away and not make him think about it. It just happens to be his birthday soon and I figured that its a good excuse.

My stepdad is prior military in the marine corps. He dose own guns and him and I go shooting once or twice a week at the local range. He has been talking about going hunting and camping for a while, but I thought of a better idea I would like to give to him as a gift ( sorry for the back ground).

I have been looking online for some gun courses and would like to do some kind of advanced course for him and myself. Something like a urban war course or a swat course. Most of the courses I find are up in the thousands of dollar range per person. I am comfortable spending a thousand per person but not much more.

If anyone knows of a good course than we would enjoy, but also be challenged would be very appreciated. This could be a great bonding experience for us. We are located in Cleveland Ohio and can travel within 6 hours or fly (money). I would really be interested in a weekend course fri-Sunday.


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