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Hello LockedBreech,,,

Interesting that a lot of the same folks who are okay with us being able to own submachine guns/full-autos as citizens (as I am) aren't okay with the police having heavy stuff too.
I see your point,,,
It does seem like a double-standard.

I believe that most of the arguments against the cops having heavy weaponry comes from the fear that the local police departments are becoming more and more militarized in their operations.

This is something I am completely and totally against,,,
I am a citizen of the USA, I am not a civilian,,,
I'm not an enemy combatant.

More and more former military are being recruited into police departments,,,
They bring with then the skills/training to use these heavy weapons,,,
They don't understand why they should not be allowed them.

In many cases their attitude (from their training) is to put every person they encounter into submission,,,
This is perfectly acceptable in a hot combat zone but isn't proper in most citizen encounters,,,
I know I'm off subject just a bit, but the principle is exactly the same.

If a situation ever arises where M-60 machine guns are needed,,,
I want the Governor of my state to call in the National Guard to wield them.

I don't want to give my local police department any more excuses to act like a paramilitary occupation force.

I am pro solid law enforcement,,,
I am anti paramilitary police departments,,,
That's why I am against my local PD having heavy machine guns.


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