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"I don't think I would call that superior, do you?"
I figured you might go to tiny bullets to increase energy. I was comparing a lighter 9mm 147 grain to a heavier 158 grain .38 Special which is a better comparison. The 115 gain 9mm might go 12" to 14" in ballistic gelatin while the 158 grain flat point will go three feet. Comparing apples to apples, as close as we can get, .38 Special is way more gun. With small bullets and small sectional density you greatly compromise penetration. Since the 9mm has to shoot smaller bullets, the best comparison is with the 147 to the heavier 158 grain .38.
Based on the information specified by Buffalo Bore, I will concede the loss on this point based on the energy figures with the light, low sectional density bullets. I bet you did not know there was a .38 Special Outdoorsman lurking out there. I didn't until I looked. Buffalo Bore continues to amaze.
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