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I acquired my one & only Python in about '94/'95.
Sat in the safe for many years after being initially fired.
Came with a burr inside that affected the trigger return intermittently & a plastic front sight.
Both were corrected.

It wasn't markedly more accurate than a couple Smiths I have.

While it sat in the safe looking pretty I continued to carry Smiths & Rugers when I wore a .357.
While it sat in the safe Colt discontinued the model.
While it sat in the safe the number of competent gunsmiths across the nation who could work on the gun continued to decline.
While it sat in the safe Colt was busily working through stocks of old parts for factory repairs & not ordering new parts.

While it sat in the safe it eventually reached the point where I realized I'd never carry it, it'd never acquire "remember when" stories, it'd become too valuable to scratch up, and it frankly just didn't do much for me at all in appeal beyond being able to say "I gots a PYTHON!"

Sold it a couple years back to buy something I WOULD do something with.
I rarely shoot centerfires recreationally, and never recreationally at the range (that's for work).
It was neither a "fun" gun nor a "working" gun.

I enjoy my Trooper .357 & Official Police .357s as examples of classic Colt DAs, along with the three Dick Specials, infinitely more than I ever did that Python. Not as pretty. I don't need to worry about dings & holster wear seriously devaluing them.
Also enjoy my three Peacemaker Specialist-ized Model Ps.
And I'm a thorough through & through Colt guy on 1911s, so don't take anything I'm saying as Colt bashing "just because".

I have preferences across brands based more on performance than nostalgia or "Pretty Factor", but I've occasionally acquired older Colts because of their classicality. The Python was just not one of those that I wanted to hang onto at the end.

Yes, smoother trigger, more elegant than a Ruger, nice & shiny, but my Ruger DAs can stay running loooooong after a Python's guts are worn out, and I couldn't care less if they get scuffed.
A durable plowhorse that can keep going all day is far more important to me, with my needs, than a pretty thoroughbred built for shorter runs .

I don't knock the Python or those who own them, I view such things more from a practical working gun aspect.

To borrow your phraseology- I AM more interested in what's inside the gun, and what's inside a typical Ruger DA will far outlast what's inside a Python, given equal shooting mileage.
For me, that's much more important than a nice trigger.

Bought another Ruger GP a few months back, in fact, precisely because I'd rather pay for what's inside it than what's inside a Python.
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