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Accuracy with this CZ has been so so. With various other varmint rifles, and even a Ruger 25-06, the most accurate loads were the faster loads---not necessarily the fastest, but towards the upper end of the velocity range. This one seems to be underwhelming. The Nosler load data is derived with a 20 inch barrel. I understand that some load data is derived with 24-26 inch barrels. However, this has been less than I would expect.

I have read other threads here where senior members have suggested having a smith remove a barrel, cut off a bit, and reset it to SAAMI spec. This seems to me better than 10 more trips to the range and 500 test rounds that end up repeating the same results. I like to shoot, but this is not getting me cranked up. And trading the gun isn't what I want to do either.

Thanks, everybody for chiming in!
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