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The call would be "man waiving a gun around children."

Ok, make up your mind what you're going to call in about. If you're not going to truthfully report that "my neighbor let my kid touch a gun in the neighbor's back yard" then you might as well make it interesting and claim he was also naked at the time (either your kid or the neighbor, whichever floats your boat). Then your neighbor can claim that the kid was trespassing and trying to steal the gun.

In that case there will be a half-assed investigation consisting of questioning everyone involved and trying to sort out all the lies and he-said she-saids. Between you claiming the neighbor was waving his gun around and the neighbor claiming that your kid either was trying to steal the gun or the kid ran to his house for protection because you were beating the kid, I'll probably end up issuing you both citations.
Its an easy thing. Taken from a third party we have some guyw aving a rifle around and letting children play with it. You're going to get a hard look at, at least in my area. Especially when its the scared to death mom calling.

The call might be "dead man formerly with gun around children," depending on the circumstances.

Depending on the circumstances, it could also well be "dead parent was threatening neighbor".

Your choice.
Unloaded rifle vs. parent saving his kid with armed one, nope, not really.

EDIT:Understand I'm not thinking like this is kindly Uncle Bob the Korean War vet showing the kids family heirlooms. I'm seeing a stranger waving a rifle around my kids (I assume young kids, vs. the teenage giants I have now).
Its all perspective.

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