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what kinda 'Classmates' are these?

I shoot atleast 300 rounds per trip unless something goes wrong.

You'll spend tens of thousands of dollars on factory ammo before you get close to wearing out a gun...

What you think after a couple hundred it would be junk?
Lol, we're in class to become aircraft mechanics(well, FAA certified aircraft technicians)
One of them loves guns but doesn't get to shoot often between work and class(5hours a day, monday through friday) and the other is just a random mook who likes guns and thinks he's king *bleep*
Lol, I know I'll be able to put at least 10,000 rounds down range without having to consider how much time my gun has left, the conversation in class just got me wondering about other people.

Cleaning after every 50 was more cleaning after every range trip since I was only shooting 50 rounds per trip until my last one.
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