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Only one gun for Fun/SD. I would recommend a New Ruger P95. These can be had in Stainless for around $350, even less, depending where you live. I dont think there is a better 9mm for the money, period. Research and read about this gun. It comes with an absolutely stellar reputation, and from arguably the best arms manufacturer in the USA. 9mm ammo is the cheapest of any factory loaded centerfire ammo, so you can practice at the range more often. Its a safe firearm, with an exposed hammer, and a safety/decocker. For home defense, its excellent. For the range, Its accurate and dependable. The recommendation of a 4" revolver is good, but they will top you out at your $500 limit. I just bought a new Ruger GP100 4" Stainless and it was $600. If you shoot .38 specials at the range in a .357 revolver, the cheapest I have seen for factory ammo is $16/50. 9mm ammo is $12/50, so I recommend the 9mm. Buy an electronic lock box for your handgun to keep the kids away from it, and to keep it loaded and ready quickly. They arent absolute protection, anything can be compromised, but for what they cost($60-$100) its cheap insurance to help in avoiding a tragedy.
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