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You're right in saying the SAA market will endure, and certainly to a much greater extent than Python demand, but my comment was intended to reflect that the SAA demand that was expanded greatly by the CAS people has peaked & CAS will no longer be quite the driving force behind it that it was.

CAS demand was the primary reason for the new Uberti plant in Italy a while back, and the proliferation of importers & various models, but those "Roy wannabes" are dying off (which is why the family closed the museum in Branson), and while the CAS game is still very active it's passed its peak.

There has been demand for the "real" Peacemaker and Italian clones for many years as a result of history & nostalgia independent of CAS, even though more advanced SA designs are available, but the Python has no sellable "image" beyond its appeal to knowledgeable Colt fans, and there aren't enough of those around who'd spend the money necessary to bring it back.

Even the Peacemaker is largely retained for the "goodwill" mentioned earlier, as an enduring "face" of Colt. But, in the Model P's case, even though the company doesn't make much money on them, they at least don't LOSE money in keeping them going, and keeping a low-profit item going is much easier and cheaper than starting one up from scratch as the Python would require.
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