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I also realize they have their limitations........

I guess thats why you invested in the MK, nice caliber while the MK offers refinements.

The limitations I'll probably never discover other than reports from distance test shoots at the range. Thinking better, I think for around here I'd like to dial it in to 200 yds max and I prefer iron sites. Pleases me to just use it for what it was designed for. If it kicks in my undesirable range, it will sit more. Some say less than a 270, some say kicks like a mule. Of course some say the 270 is 1/2 the 06...I have a recoil chart from Chuck Hawks but to me they are just a bunch of numbers. Actual is best I think. For instance, I ONLY take this 338 mag out when I know:
A) distance merits it ( I use it for mountain top to mountan top mostly out west ) Funny about that caliber. People have driven from several miles away thru the desert and asked what the hell was that?
B) 1 - 2 shots will be the limit for that hunt.
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