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hkp9s recoil buffer

Thanks again for all the inputs.I took Drails advice and did the leather thing.Works like a charm.Will still get a new part when I can but at least I am no longer stranded.
A word on the whys and wherefores.

Delayed blowback action pistols like the P9s tend to cycle somewhat forcefully due to high breech pressures when opening.This rams the slide up hard against the return spring to the extent that normal slide stops will be battered and frames cracked prematurely.The recoil buffer slows down the slide over the last 2-3 mms of its travel and absorbs the energy as it is compressed.
It is for this reason that the P9s is known as a soft recoiling accurate shooter, also because the barrel does not move during cycling but remains staionary.The reduced recoil effect is actually visible when a P9s and a 1911 are shot next to each other on the range.
In the end a P9s will not function for any length of time without its recoil buffer and not incur serious damage.
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