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Hello DPris,,,

Even in the SAA clones, CAS has peaked & will lose much of the market force it's had in the next five years.
Yep you may be correct,,,
But they aren't the only demand for the supply.

SASS has only been around since the late 80's I believe,,,
Roy Rogers wannabe's made up for the gap in years.

My point is that there has always been a sustainable market for Colt SAA's and the clones,,,
There has never been that type of sustainable market for Colt SA/DA revolvers.

Ask anyone outside of the gun aficionado circle what a Colt Python is,,,
I predict there won't be many people who would know.

Ask anyone outside of the gun aficionado circle what a Colt Peacemaker is,,,
I predict you would find that many of them recognize that iconic name,,,
I've never done that research but I would bet on the outcome.

Just a few months back I was talking to a colleague at work,,,
He was thinking of buying a handgun for recreation,,,
His first question to me was about "cowboy" guns.

It's merely conjecture on my part,,,
But I think the market for SAA style guns will endure long after SASS goes away,,,
Unfortunately for the Colt SA/DA lovers among us the market for those pistols probably won't spark any quality cloning.

Later my friend,,,


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