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Yes, Nickel is a little more durable than blued guns of the same model ....model 19's, 27's or 29's ....and will show less holster wear as an example....and while I have both blued and Nickel models in the model 19's, 27's and 29's Nickel guns in all 3 models are some of my finest revolvers.

In my area - Nickel demands at least $ 100 premium on model 19's, 27's or 29's....which are models I collect and shoot so I'm more familiar with them ...but its probably the same on other S&W models as well.

In a model 27 blued ....that deep blue finish is certainly striking...but the Nickel model 27, to me, is just a little better ....maybe because I do use them for tactical drills at my local range - in and out of a good holster/it means I get virtually no wear on the muzzle, cyclinder on a Nickel gun - even after many thousands of times in and out of a good horsehide Kramer Leather holster...even though I rarely carry any of them ( I'm a 1911 guy when it comes to carry guns ) - and in those, I like an all stainless as well ...but I will occasionally carry one of my model 19's in 4" Nickel in a K frame Kramer holster.
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