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Reloading is the best way to not only save money but get the most accuracy out of your rifle. Also the satisfaction you get is priceless. You can get a low cost kit from Lee or just build your own.

The weakness of the kits and in general are the archaic beam scales, so I would recommend a digital, which on Amazon is pretty cheap (and this one goes to 2/100ths grain)

For hunting I love the new Barnes LRX 175s for .308, they are very accurate too (see test ) Or use their 165/168 TTSX.

For target, Hornady Amax's are great, as are the SMKs. I prefer the amax.

If you want to got the factory route, check out these tests done: (target)

For hunting:
Barnes VOR-TX (TTSX bullets)
Hornady Superformance .308 (Interbond bullets)

The T3 .308 has a 1:11 twist rate (see Tikka website), so you should be good for a nice range of bullet weights up to 168grains. You can try some heavier weights to see how they perform.

Anyway, hope you find the happy medium.
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