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Lyman Tru-line Junior

Someone asked me for a recommendation on a loading press. Since I only ever owned the Lee Classic (which I like a lot) I could not make an educated guess. So I decided to go buy a different press so that at least I had something to compare the Lee press to.

I got a deal on a Lyman True-line Junior on evil Bay.

It was missing several parts but I like this press too.

For one thing this press is made like a tank. Steel parts are very precise and made of good quality steel. The bulk of it is cast iron.

It is easy to take apart.

The drawback is the requirement to use small dies (310 series dies, which I think are 5/8th instead of 7/8th inch).

I solved this problem by making a turret from 3/4 inch stock shown in the photo.

I am going to rehab this press and my original thought was to try it out and then sell it again on the eBay. But if I can get it working right, I may just keep the darned thing.

I will post some photos of the project as it moves forward.

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