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Geetarman... to specifically answer your question...
which caliber DOES live up to your expectation
right now I have 2 cartridges that I load more than any other, with tons of versatility...

32 S&W ( yes I know is much much less powerful ) I have a round ball & light Trailboss load that I test fire my antique revolvers, up to a medium load, to a medium hot load I use for self defense if I choose to carry an antique... none of these perform well on farm varmints, but they all are great fun to shoot...

my most versitile is my 45 Colt... I carry a custom single action snubbie, & use a Buffalo Bore standard pressure loading with Gold Dot bullets for CC duty, a cast bullet load with Trailboss that I use for CAS & general paper punching ( I don't buy into the pop gun loads when shooting CAS, so these are midrange loads, that also function well in my lever action, as well as my Montado CAS guns ) & I hunt deer with a 10" Contender with some hot for 45 Colt loads aproching 454 pressure levels, & while these are punishing, they perform quite well... BTW... either my hunting loads or my CC loads will stop a farm varmit significantly faster when shot COM than anything but the hottest 110-125 grain loads would do out of the 357 mag... even my CAS loads seem to perform better than the standard ( for 357 mag ) 158 grain bullets

I'd also subject that the weapon type & "style" might have swayed me a little one way or the other
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