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Call me sensitive but I find it offensive that certain people still can't get it through their thick well to do skulls that legal gun ownership; especially in Illinois where you must go through a background check to get a FOID card has about as much to do with gang related violent crime as home ownership has to do with arson related house fires. You do not tax home ownership to pay for the cost of arson investigations and the treatment of arson victims.

The stated issue is that the County run hospitals cannot afford to keep paying for the indigent who are typically the victims of this gang related violence. The easiest solution would be to get the county out of the healthcare business. Sell off the hospitals to private industry and let them deal with it. The problem with that is Cook county is not much about cutting state/local government jobs/spending.

Interesting facts about Illinois from a study I dug up.
In chicago the top 5 employers are

1. U.S. Government 55,183
2. Chicago Public Schools 39,667
3. City of Chicago 31,307
4. Cook County 21,785

5. Advocate Health Care 18,485[email protected]

Another interesting fact: All this is going to do is really hurt business for the few suburban gun stores left. You can drive an extra 15-30 mins and end up at a number of gun shops and ranges outside of Cook County; I really feel bad for one place in perticular which is in the process of expanding.
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