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9mm 1911 single or double stack?

Hi Everyone,
I've tried two 1911 in 9mm, both were double stack, and had bad results.

Now I'm reading that some folks with SA, Kimber and Colt have had good luck so I'm re-thinking my efforts

I had a Para SPX 18.9, a beautiful gun, well made, a pleasure to shoot until it started to fail to extract. And it got worse instead of better as I shot it more. I tried cleaning it and oiling it and it didn't get better. I should have send it back to the mfg but I just I just sold it for a small loss. Now I regret not trying harder to make it work.

I also tried a Rock Island 1911A2, also a 9mm doulble stack. That one didn't work much better. It was a OK gun, but the finish is very easy, too easy, to scuff/scratch and I traded that away for a Sig P226.

One of the guys at my gun club said that it is a common problem with 9mm 1911. I'd like to hear from those that have a 9mm 1911. What brand and model do you have? How reliable is it? Can you post a picture?

Let me conclude by saying that I have two 1911s and a Glock in .45 so I have nothing against .45s. 9mm is just a personal preference.
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