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44 Magnum.

It's not the cartridge, it's the guns. I have a Winchester '94 that slugs .433. This is not uncommon. Couldn't get two SBHs to shoot well either. Figure I should give it all up and stick to 45 Colt and 454 Casull, but I still have the Astra in 44 and that's sort of OK with 300 grain bullets.

And the Winchester's a damn sight better now that I got the oversize moulds and oversize sizing die and reamed out seater die... feh.

Never say never but I think the chances of me buying another 44 Magnum, ever, are slim.

My 38-40 Marlin '94 does well with 40 S&W lead bullets. Not great, but it's older than my grandfather and he passed away more than 15 years ago...
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