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I'm 66 now and as yet haven't run across one that's just too ferocious to shoot and enjoy. That said, I've never shot anything beyond the .44 Magnum. Keith's old max load with a 240 gr LSWC is my perceived limit tho. My day in -day out play and pack on the farm guns are usually .44 Spl's or .45 ACP's; but I do shoot a .41 and .44 Magnum on a regular both Ruger and S&W guns.

Health issues have not been a factor so far, tho my eyes aren't where they were 30 years ago, but good glasses have negated that problem.

As to the poster who mentioned stiff hands after a nap...I'd had that problem too, and felt that add'l finger work would help....I played guitar through college but gave it up when my family began to grow....since I've retired, I've taken it up again, and find that it really helps...I play the better part of an hour a day...enjoy it thoroughly, and have regained enuf proficiency that family members, especially "she who must be obeyed" don't complain.

Cherish our flag, honor it, defend what it stands for or get the hell out. Our Freedoms are not free, they've been paid for many times over by heros in uniform. Far better men than I, died that we could be FREE.

USAF FAC, 5th Spl Forces, An Loc, lll Corps, RVN, 69-70, Vietnam Vet '69-'73

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