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I'm glad to hear that many people have had good lick with a 9mm 1911, because I might give it another try.

I tried two 1911 in 9mm, both were double stack, and had bad results. I think the answer may be single stack.

I had a Para SPX 18.9, a beautiful gun, well made, a pleasure to shoot until it started to fail to extract. And it got worse instead of better as I shot it more. I tried cleaning it and oiling it and it didn't get better. I should have send it back to the mfg but I just I just sold it for a small loss. Now I regret not trying harder to make it work.

I also tried a Rock Island 1911A2, also a 9mm doulble stack. That one didn't work much better. It was a OK gun, but the finish is very easy, too easy, to scuff/scratch and I traded that away for a Sig P226.

It may be that a double stack problem. I'll open another thread on this subject.
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