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Can any servicemen here tell us what the military recommends for AR/M4 cleaning?
Sure. Warning: this process will likely make you shake your head a lot...

In both the USAF and US Army units I've been in we clean the rifle for at least 2 days prior to turn in (or every time after firing). This is in a garrison/training environment. Your supervisor will go over the weapon at some point in the process and say something like 'you missed here..., focus on the star chamber, ect....' Then once it's clean we completely strip the rifle of any CLP . The reason for this is that the CLP will continue to break down any carbon residue it encounters and when you go to turn it in to the arms room or weapons pool (unit depenant) it will appear to be 'dirty' from the CLP further doing what its' designed to do---i.e. clean the carbon residue. Then they're stored until used again.

When deployed most guys break down the rifle every day and wipe out any dirt/sand that got in there and re-lubricate.
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