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You might consider a convertable pistol,,,

You might consider a convertable pistol,,,
One that can change back and forth between a .22 and a centerfire.

I only mention this because you said recreation and defense.

A pistol like the Sig Sauer P-226 Classic .22 comes to mind,,,
The thing about this is .22 ammo is so danged cheap,,,
So you get to shoot for recreation inexpensively.

Later you buy a X-Change Kit that converts the pistol to a 9mm, .40S&W, .357SIG, or .45ACP,,,
Unfortunately this drives the price way above the $500 limit.

Another option is to buy a CZ-75B in 9mm for about $500,,,
Then later buy the Kadet Adaptor Kit to make it into a .22 pistol.

This option isn't for everyone,,,
But at least it's worth considering.

An argument to go this way is by saying,,,
But Honey, it's only a .22 plinker.


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