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HELP: Levergun 30/30 vs 44mag

I desperately want to pick up a lever action for just general fun and primary home defense rifle.

First, I need to decide caliber and cannot choose between these 2. Also was considering the 357mag. I did lots of research and the 30/30 and 44mag seem to both offer great power with an edge to range for the 30/30 and an edge to power for the 44. I still cant decide

I dont own a revolver and dont plan on getting one to match so again this would be primarily Home defense and just range fun. I am interested in either 16 or 18in barrel. Any ideas ow to settle this debate in my head? And im only getting ONE so dont say both!
  • Other concerns I have are capacity differences in equal barrel lengths, I assume 44mag holds more but not sure how many more or even if thats true.
  • Ammo cost, not sure which costs more (I dont reload)
  • Lastly, weight, Again assuming we have 2 identical length barrel rifles one is 44mag and one in 30/30 which weighs more, holds, more, etc.
  • Reliability, do they function the same or is one inherently more reliabel than the other?
  • Laslty, any good reccomendations for brands or models. I dont need top of the line, just looking for a solid reliable performer

Thansk in advance and please vote to help me choose
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