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While virtually everyone makes a copy of either a Colt Single Action Army or a Government Model, no one that I know of has attempted to make a copy of a Colt double-action revolver. Pity.
There is a substantial market for SAA clones,,,
Just SASS alone will support that demand.

But if some company started building Python clones,,,
I would bet people would say "But they're not real Colts." and ignore them.

It's all about demand for the product,,,
SAA clones have demand from re-enactment groups,,,
As well as from every Lone Ranger wannabe in this country.

No Iconic character or group from our past or fiction,,,
Ever made the Colt DA's popular enough to become iconic in and of themselves.

Sure they could be built by Colt or another company,,,
But there isn't enough widespread demand to justify the endeavor.

I wold love to see S&W start making the Model 45 Post Office again,,,
But me and the few others who would like one aren't enough to justify the expense.


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