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Lighter Trigger Pull for Springfield Armory XDS

I recently purchased a new XDS and was very excited to get it. Im a .45ACP fanboy and had considered a Glock G36 but I don't really like the Glock grip angle. Also, I had looked into the possibility of an M&P Shield but I'm a .45ACP fanboy, so the Shield wouldn't do.

I took it out for the first range trip a couple days after getting it and I'm very pleased with the little pistol. My only gripe, however, was the heavy trigger pull (6#s consistantly w/ my RCBS scale). I tend to like my "Self Defense" pistols with a trigger pull around 4.5-5.5#s, and I found a company (Powder River Precision) that makes a reduced power spring kit for the XDS. The kit cost me $14.95 plus S&H and I got it in the mail a few days after ordering.

The install was not difficult (except you have to hold your mouth right to get one of the springs in place), and took about 1 hour in the full process, which requires a partial detail strip. Trigger pull with the spring kit installed is now consistant @ 4.5#s, I was suprised at that amount of drop in weight (1.5#s), but I really like where the trigger is at now. If you are looking to lighten XDS'S trigger pull, check out Powder River Precision.
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