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BTW - I'm feeling lucky. My wife has never been against guns but she's never been for them either, just ok with them. She's never shot one ... she just recently said she'd kind of like to try shooting one. We're going to the range this weekend (with the Marlin .22 magnum as the gun is mild and I think one of the nicest funnest guns I've ever shot). Over time you may be surprised. Don't push it fast, start with one like you are and then if you want more, mention you'd kind of like a second one after you've had the first for a while. After 2, it gets much easier and she'll get more comfortable and if your lucky ... curious too. It seems just yesterday I was in your boat (but I started with that .22 magnum rifle). The handgun was a big step but i had always wanted one. Now the drawer is full and she just rolls her eyes if I want another.
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