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in all fairness I still shoot alot more 357 & 9mm than "normal folks" ( non shooting forum types )

but most of what I would have used the 2 previous cartridges for, ( self defence & farm varmint work ) have been replaced with 44 Special & 45 "long" Colt

I do shoot some paper with 357 still, & do have one of my many 9 mm autos ( a CZ 75 Compact ) that are still in my self defence battery... & I have several 357 Maximum options as well

I just don't like the muzzle blast of the 357 for anything but muffled target shooting, & have pretty much given up on "most" of my auto shooting...

I wasn't trying to bash on either cartridge, was just saying they were once some of my favorites, but I've moved on...
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