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I would refer to them as gofers instead of beancounters... as in go fer a cup of coffee....

My opinion of it (you knew I had one didn't you?) is that it is a PR attempt to get the public (gun owner segment) to see them in a little more friendly light. It also could make a favorable impression on the nightly news. They have such a despicable image among many (most?) gun owners that I think they are trying to change that and put forth an effort to be seen in a more favorable manner, as an information resource or show presence just trying to help.

The people I see manning the tables (and I have looked specifically) are not the older experienced manager types who could answer a lot of questions but instead they seem to be younger staff, not especially enthusiastic about their assignment. Maybe that is because their table is empty with a small stack of fold out brochures and seldom is there anyone stopping to chat.

I propose we give them something to do, at the next show, stop by and ask a technical question or two or three. See what their response is. Don't forget to get their name and other ID - they would do the same to you.
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