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Cool score, good on ya. Enjoy your new rifle and post some pictures.I have only seen one of these new Ruger's at the range and it was on the 25 and 50 yard range all day. The shooter had a tin of white boxes of LC 07 and was spending a lot of time adjusting things.

I had one of the stainless folders in the early 80's and it was zeroed out of the box at 100 yards but the first time we used it on moving targets rolling down a hill the barrel turned golden brown after the first 40 round magazine and then a darker brown another magazine later and never cleaned up again. I tried the chrom cleaner they sell at the bike stores for removing the blue from the exhaust headers back then but it didn't help. I don't recall if it lost accuracy after that because I sold it before it got any darker on the barrel.

I have never used H335 or the real 193's but I do have a load the girls like for 300 yards using bulk 55g FMJ FB pills and H4895 in LC 90 brass. Nothing special just something that shoots the same every time.

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