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In over 50 years of handloading, I've only had one handloaded round FTF in a bolt-action centerfire rifle. It happened last year with some primers bought recently at a gun show. They were either not made right or stored improperly prior to my getting them.

In my rifles, a good rifle round for hunting or defense, will feed from the magazine, enter the chamber easily, fire properly and be accurate to 1 MOA, or better (usually better), then extract easily and eject.

For bolt-action target and plinking, I don't mind if rounds fit a bit tighter and bolts close with a little more force, but not extreme force.

Regarding reloaded ammo reliability, I check rounds after sizing and after loading to assure they will feed properly in my rifles. Primers are checked by feel or sight as I seat them. I do one step at a time on all cases and don't turn a case neck-up until it's filled with powder. When filling with most powders, each charge is measured an weighed. Ball powder loads may be check-weighed after every five or ten, depending whether it's near maximum or not.

After filling all the cases, I inspect them in the block in good light, so I can see that they appear to have the proper amount of powder. That's critical IMHO!
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