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I am also falling in love with 17 caliber rimfires after seeing how well they shoot. My shooting partner has a CZ in 17HMR that shoots pretty darn good, about moa with the right ammo. I am in the process of building a 17HMR on a Remington 580 action (new barrel, threaded the receiver, added recoil lug, will bed the action and freefloat the barrel, topped with a 2-7X scope), and I have a Remington 581 (detachable magazine version of the same rifle) that will probably get turned into a 17Mach2. I guess the main reason I did not warm up to the 17Mach2 is that ever since it was introduced, all the gun rags have been predicting its demise due to the cost of ammo (as compared to 22LR, I suppose), and I thought maybe they knew what they were talking about. 10 years later, I am kicking myself for not jumping on the bandwagon right away.
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