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Sorry, I don't see the harm in letting a kid hold a piece of machined wood and metal. I would have showed them how to check that it was unloaded then let them hold it.

Any further proceedings or escalation from there would be up to their parents. Wouldn't be the first time I've been yelled at, cussed at, or shot at.

Originally Posted by zincwarrior
If you were a nighbor of mine and let them play with a rifle without getting permission from me or the wife, the best option for you is that we would have words at about 90 decibels.

Most likely I would call the police on you.
What would you expect the police to do?

Their is no law against letting a child hold a knife, snake, gun, drill, circular saw, etc.

If I got the call I would be telling you to keep your kid in your own yard if you didn't like what he was doing over at the neighbor's.
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