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Purchasing a handgun when (a) your wife is anti-gun and (b) you have children at home can be a challenge.

1. Buy new with warranty... don't buy a used gun, it can be a headache someone else is getting rid of. Springfield Armory have an excellent warranty, excellent 1-800 support, if bad will fix fast, and pay the shipping both ways. Highly recommended ... they should have something at your price-point.

2. Buy a handgun with a good safety, (ie 1911, CZ, etc) your wife will appreciate your good sense and responsibility.... buy a Walther PPS, Glock, etc at your peril.

3. Invite your wife to a range session, I drag my wife about once a year, to the range ... she comes under protest, and despite the fact that she is a good shooter, she is still anti-gun... as are her liberal yuppie friends.

Good luck
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