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what cartridges have you become disenchanted with over the years ???

this is kinda the anti "who loves the 357" thread for me, as it, & the 9mm are both cartridges I've kinda pulled away from...

I understand they are both wonderfull cartridges so it's just me ( sounds like we're breaking up )

when I 1st was getting into guns ( I think my FIL was grooming me to take over his collection ) I bought one ( the most versitile handgun & rifle ) with the intention that I could borrow what ever I needed from my FIL... ( I think he knew I'd get addicted... but that's how I started )... my handgun was a 4" stainless GP-100 & I still think I'd pick it as the most versitile handgun I own, but since I started carrying it around the farm, & have shot alot of farm varmints over the years, I've not been impressed with how it stopped woodchucks, racoons, opposums, etc... ( I found the light faster bullets planted them better than the standard 158's )... after that phase, I was carry a "9" & it was no better... so over the years I've lost interest in both those cartridges... I still shoot them, ( infact have several guns chambered for both cartridges, I just don't shoot them as much as I used to ) I still think they are viable, just not as much for me...

so the point of my thread, any cartridges that you don't feel lived up to "your" expectations ???
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