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what resins to use on synthetic stock cheeck piece?

I'm raising the comb and adding more of a cheek piece to a Savage 93R. The darn thing just feels like a kids stock; too short and too low of a cheek-weld for me. It is a black synthetic stock from the factory and I have read what several others have done using Bondo, however, want to investigate something that may be better suited to a permenant improvement. I want it to esentially be "ONE" with the stock, not be something that an off-angle blow to that region woul cause it to break off like the earlier synthetic stocks in the lat 1960s into the 70s...anybody followin me?? knowledgeable responses only please, even though there will be that one guy that suggests using bondo 1/2 way down the thread. If I were making a Master stock to send to a stocksmith to make it, I would do that. Thanks for the input.

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