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I did not condemn citizens, today, from those countries.
I wasn't saying you condemned citizens today. I was just pointing out that there are those that still cling to old prejudices in the gun community with regard to those countries. for example, there are some that refuse to buy a Miroku made firearm because they're made in Japan. I have nothing against this company and I think they make quality guns. If US made guns are your thing then great, but I don't think I should be criticized for owning a Miroku made Winchester 94.

Likewise, I could make the same argument about sunglasses (or any product for that matter). Luxoticca in Italy practically owns every major sunglasses brand in the world, from Oakley, Ray-Ban and Mosley Tribes to Maui Jim, Ralph Lauren, Coach and Brooks Brothers. A lot of these sunglasses are by American companies but they're owned and manufactured by an Italian company. Italy as you remember was a fascist country between the first and second world war. now, if I were to show economic patriotism I wouldn't buy any of these brands. But then again, most product on the shelves are made overseas, including the clothes we wear as well as consumer electronics. sorry for the tangent but you get the idea
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