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still loving that lil 17 Mach 2

a couple years ago, I built a custom 17 Mach 2 on an older Marlin bolt action 22 rifle... relined the barrel to 17 caliber & rechambered to Mach 2, floated the barrel, bedded the action, & fitted a set of mounts & installed a 2-7 scope... I built it for use around the farm site, as it's lower noise, offer little chance of recoil, & shoots like a laser

it's both amaizingly accurate ( head shot a pidgon at 100 yards a couple months ago... & it's regular use is trying to cut down on those fast running red pine squirrels that over populate our windbreak ) & it's suprisingly powerful, because of the velocity on bigger animals... ( I dropped 5 racoons in 2 days last weekend that the farm doggie tree'd over night, one shot to the head & they drop like a rock, & MRS uses it regularly to shoot racoons the dog trees over night, that she sees after the sun comes up & I've already left for work )

I'm suprised that this little cartridge is not more popular ( 22 LR necked down to 17 caliber ) it's quiet shooting, no recoil, & has become the favorite gun of MRS MAGNUM... in fact it's replaced the .410 shotgun as the farm "closet" gun ( the gun that's close to the back door for "everyday" use )

I did see some Hornady 17 Mach 2 at Cabelas last week for the 1st time... anyone else shooting this nifty lil round ???
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