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Don' t even get me started on PSA . Yes they have quality pruducts and great prices but that does not mean you get a pass on customer service . I have ordered many times from them and have had only one real problem .

Some things are made to order but many are not . If you state an upper or any product is in stock . They should be on the shelf and be ready to ship .

All I ordered on the one bad purchase was ammo , fire control group and some springs . All were posted in stock . I placed the orderer 16 days before the big shooting trip . everything was delivered the day I got back .

What I had the problem most with was there CS . I get it [crap] happens and all they needed to do was be honest and say it would not be shipping soon . but when I contacted them 5 days after the order . They stated they were having shipping isuess cus of the specials they offered and my order would be shipping out the next day . A few days later my order has not shippied I contact them again to ask whats going on , this was a friday . They tell me my oder will ship on Monday . What do you think happened on Mon or Tues or Wed thats right nothing . Now that they have taken my money strung me along and I now know there is no way I can get my stuff before I need to leave . I had to order the fire control group from Midway . have it rushed to me me for just about what the FCG cost . Then go all over town looking for the exact ammo I had ordered and had to pay alot more for it . I really don't have that kind of time or money. Thats why I order online .

If there so busy and so back ordered they should be making enough money to hire a few more people .

Oops sorry I did not intend to go into it that much . Anyways that being said If what I'm ordering is not time sensitive I will continue to order from them cus they have great products at amazing prices .

IMO they only care about there bottom line and not a bit about there customers . Some day that will bite them in the [butt].
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