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If you're not thinking of hunting or self-/home-defense, what makes you want a shogun or rifle? Not saying there's not a reason to have one or either, just curious.

I have a stoeger SXS coach gun in 12ga, and I like it because its got a good kick, short enough barrel for getting around my home for home defense, and works for my Cowboy Action Shooting competition. A new one can be had for $350-$450 on

I also have a Savage Axis (formerly called the Savage Edge) rifle in .308 WIN that can drive tacks at 400+ yards. It's good for medium and big game hunting or pricey plinking. One can be had for $275-$350 at any Walmart that sells firearms, or

Again, this is just a run-down of what I have and what you want depends on what you want it for...
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