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I've had a lot of 22lr revolvers, and there is a lot of value in some of the cheaper weapons. I recently purchased a Rossi 511 for $180 out the door. It has a little bit of pitting, but a polished it out. The trigger was pretty bad, so I replaced the springs and did some minor polishing. Now I have a gun that I have $190 in, that shoots as well as my $450 S&W 63 (and good luck finding one of those for under $500).

All that being said, deals are out there. I am not a ruger fan, but stumbled on a single ten at a shop for $299--and I talked them down so they ate the tax and the background check fee ($5). The gun was in great shape, but had the famous "I broke my finger" ruger heavy springs. A $10 spring pack fixed that issue and now I have a mighty fine looking shooter for about $180 less than they go for new.

EDIT: while I like colt scouts, and have one, they are really not a good bang for the buck IMO. When you could find them regularly for under $300, they might have been a good deal, but prices on them have risen in the past five years. I would not pay more than $300 for one unless it was a full steel peacemaker.
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