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2nd what Brokenanew says. I still use a single stage press.My trimmer is a wilson hand crank.Still manual hand pocket uniformer. I'm not in a hurry to load so time means nothing. Sometimes, almost always it is funner loading than shooting. I kick back and load in 100 lots. Don't turn it into work or the fun stops. I don't really shoot to much during the winter other than hand gun,so i use all winter to get everything put together. By spring i will have 2000 to 4000 -- 223 rounds ready to go for the summer, Maybe 500 to 1000 - 308. Years ago when i got my 45 ACP,lord knows it was a obbsession.I think i could shoot 45 -5 days a week for 10 years and still not run out of rounds. I kinda got carried away with it real real bad. Now the 6MMBR, at $100,00 per 100 cases I have only purchased 300 cases so far,but that will work for the time being.

Have fun with it and good luck staying small time with it
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