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Originally Posted by younggunz4life
I think the officer is covered under LEOSA to carry off-duty though but that isn't the issue ...
Again, there seems to be much you don't understand.

The LEOSA applies to Federal officers only when they retire, and it does not apply to any officers just because they are off-duty. The purpose behind the LEOSA was (and is) to allow law enforcement officers from one state to legally carry concealed firearms in states other than the state where they are sworn officers. In other words, it's effectively a national CCW for police officers (and retired police officers if they maintain their weapons qualification). Federal officers can already carry in all states. The LEOSA doesn't even address simple off-duty status.

A Federal officer is a law enforcement officer in all 50 (or all 57) states and the District of Columbia, and if authorized to carry a weapon at all he is authorized to carry a weapon whether on or off duty (with, perhaps, certain specific exceptions). If he is not authorized by his agency and position to carry a weapon, the LEOSA doesn't do anything to override that.
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