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For what your looking at I would look hard at some of the newer 110gr bullets they have out for the 6.8's. They would still give you a bit of bearing surface and a little lenght to adjust with in the cases.

I have runs some 100gr loads through my .270 and found it wasn't overly excited about them. Most grouped in the 2-2.5" area, where as some old Barnes 120's drilled tiny holes one atop another.

To be honest, if your rifle is shooting the 130's good, I would simply look at either the Hornady SST or Nosler BT and see if I could keep the load and accuracy as close as possible to what your already hunting with. This way you have the same dope as you standard loads and it makes things a whole lot easier when you want to simply go from game to varmints.

If your shooting yotes within 100yds and your muzzle velocity is anywhere above 2850fps either of the above two bullets is going to be devastating on them. As for hunting in area where a ricochet might be an issue, I would lean hard on the 110's and see what you can come up with that works. You should have no problem getting them up to 3100fps or so with any of several medium burning powders in the neighborhood of IMR-3031. That is only there as a for instance as I have not looked up ny data, just going on burn rate.

Also, while your working you loads up, again you should figure out you longest expected shot, and try to match the lighter bullets load as close to the same impact as your hunting loads. This again makes it very easy to go form one to the other with out having to re sight your rifle for each. (EXAMPLE) If your standard loads hit dead on at 100yds and the other hits 1/2" above that is close enough then check them both at 200yds. If the standard is 1-2" low and the light one hits dead on your set to go. They don't ahve to be exact just close enough you don't have to worry about which one your using and adjusting the scope back and forth for each.

Hope this helps.
Mike / TX
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