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I owned an LCR for a while. Very nice carry gun, actually kind of wish I had kept it.
I also have shot a few different LCP's and I'll say it again; it's the most disgusting and uncomfortable little gun I've ever shot and I'd never own one. My friend bought one over a year ago, shot it one time for a while at the range and came away with a bloody thumb for whatever reason. He put it away and it has never come out again.
Against a lot of people telling me not to, I purchased a Taurus TCP over a year ago. It's way nicer to shoot than an LCP, has a far better trigger, and I have only had problems with my wifes very light pretty much refuses to shoot those. But I have never in over 2000 rounds had a malfunction with this gun on factory ammo......not one. My buddy liked the gun so well that he now has two of them.
To each his own though...just telling you my experience with the two of the guns you're interested in.
I also really liked the SW Bodyguard I shot. Had it not been for that stupid laser on it, which I don't want or need, that may have been the gun I would have bought.
Go shoot some guns though if you'll know "the one" the second you fire it

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