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I wanna know what "critters" Jimbob is shooting with a 3" 9mm?
My first handgun hunting weapon was a Glock 20 which I use for Elk, .45ACP, .40 and 9mm are all inadequate for full size game although I know a few handgunners who have done it with 1911s in .45 super - but I've killed feral pigs with a my girlfriend's commander sized 1911 in 9mm and coyote and a mule deer with a Glock 34.

If those count as critters. I wonder, since you're so dismissive, if you've shot a lot of game/non game animals with pistols? I've taken game with .45ACP, 10mm, 9mm, .40 and .357 Magnum. Just a thought. Everybody seems to be an expert, even the people who have never done what they're an expert on. Not saying you are in that predicament (that you have not taken game with auto pistols), but seems to be a hot trend on the interwebs.
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